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Tuesday, February 28th, 2012


WZRD album cover


It seems as though Kid Cudi, the “man on the moon,” truly
can work magic with music, as shown by the alternative rock duo self-titled
album WZRD, released today. Cudi collaborated with Dot Da Genius to
create an album with drums, guitars, keyboards, singing, and no rapping or
swear words.

After being announced over a year ago and having the release
date postponed by a month, the 11-track album debuted at number 1 on iTunes.
The album was recorded on a tour bus at Cudi’s home in Los Angeles.

Dubbing WZRD an alternative rock album surely made
fans expect something extremely different from Cudi’s previous albums and
mixtapes, but the album may have made many realize how prominent instruments
and singing are in all of his work. Although the lack of rapping and profanity
is noticeable, every song on the album is very identifiable as a Kid Cudi song.

The album begins with “The Arrival,” an instrumental song
that very appropriately introduces the music style that Cudi and Da Genius work
with throughout WZRD. Jimi Hendrix-inspired guitar is prominent in the
song, and in most of the other tracks.

Dot Da Genius and Kid Cudi

An energetic song follows the instrumental, “High On Life,”
obviously inspired by Cudi’s decision to stop smoking marijuana last April. The
“lonely stoner” shocked many with his announcement, and said in an interview
with datnewcudi.com that he had writer’s block for five months after deciding
to stay sober. Listeners will be grateful that he broke through the block as
they listen to “High On Life,” a song heavy with guitar riffs and snare drum.
The chorus features Cudi crooning, “I never ever thought it could be/ Never
thought the day would come for me/ When I would be high on life.”

The song is upbeat and can serve as an inspiration for
anybody trying stay sober as well.

Perhaps the most alternative rock-like song on the album,
“Live and Learn,” begins with guitar chords followed by bass and cymbals. Cudi
sings about the lessons life has to offer, and poses the question, “Where did I
come from?/ Is it the moon or a planet I ain’t heard of?” This line suggests
that Cudi views WZRD as being very different from his Man on the Moon

A track that stands out amongst the upbeat and inspired
tracks on the album is “Efflictim,” which shows the insecure and humble side of
Cudi that his fans are so familiar with. Cudi hums and sings to someone about
the troubling idea of what they would do if he were to die. The chorus goes,
“I’m just trying to say is life is too short/ Though I make mistakes, baby, I’m
trying to make things right/ All I’m trying to say is that life is too short/
All we got is love, baby, and the time to make it right.”

Other notable songs are “Love Hard,” which features guitar
as well as some beats, “Teleport 2 Me, Jamie,” the lead single, and “Where Did
You Sleep Last Night?,” a cover of the blues song by Lead Belly, which is
inspired by Nirvana’s cover of the same song.

As a whole, the lyrics in WZRD express Cudi’s new
perspective on life. Inspired by both his sobriety and his daughter, Cudi seems
to be growing up, and this album shows that. While the music itself isn’t
anything special compared to other alternative rock albums, it’s a very unique
mix of hip-hop techniques and rock rhythms that music listeners have never
heard before.

WZRD certainly isn’t the type of album that most of
Cudi’s fans are used to listening to, but is still a great piece of work from
the talented artist. Fans can appreciate Cudi’s ability to be musically diverse
while awaiting the release of the third Man on the Moon album this fall.