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Heat Check
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Today's Lineup

6:30-7a Xavier Litman
8:30-9a Kamryn Parra
9-9:30a Jazlyn Gonzales
9:30-10a Monica Navarro
10-10:30a Ellis Preston
10:30-11a Track Diggers
11-11:30a Mattie Freeze
11:30a-12p Bop to K-pop
12-1p Free Samples
1-1:30p Tyler Abrams
1:30-2:30p The Whole 9
2:30-3p Never Lackin' in the Pac
3-3:30p Just Be Ben: The Ben Parris Show
3:30-4p The Bag Room
4-5p Heat Check
5-5:30p This Sun Devil Life: Tuesday
5:30-6p Open Mic: Tuesday
6-6:30p Traffic Jam: Tuesday
6:30-7p Bottom of the Sixth: Tuesday
7-7:30p The Waiver Wire
7:30-8p The Gold Mine Podcast
8-8:30p The State of State
8:30-9p Laying it Out
9-9:30p Sam Ballesteros
9:30-10p Adrian Mendez
10-10:30p Merlin Porter
10:30-11p Taylor Mears
11-11:30p Zoey Judge
11:30p-12a Keenan Vaughan