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Today's Lineup

6-6:30a The Screamin Niemann's
7-8a Sunrise with Schwages
8:30-9a Wonderful World of Women's Basketball
9-9:30a Landon Small
9:30-10a Lula Hunteman
10-10:30a Christos Makropoulos
10:30-11a Mihir Sinhasan
11a-12p Free Samples
12-1p Broadway 101
1-1:30p State of the State
1:30-2:30p East Coast Bais
2:30-3p Jazlyn Gonzales
3-3:30p Charlise Bar-Shai
3:30-4:30p Diamond in the Rough
4:30-5p Selma Krantz
5-5:30p Scorching Arizona
5:30-6p Open Mic
6-6:30p Traffic Jam
6:30-7p Bottom of the Sixth
7-7:30p Both Sides of the Ball
7:30-8p Bella Mazzilli
8-9p How-To Sports
9-10p Before We Were Born
10-10:30p Idaly Banuelos
10:30-11p Dale Acevedo
11-11:30p Madeline Nguyen
11:30p-12a Ben Bonick