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Arizonans Weigh in on Hobbs’ and Lake’s Immigration Policies

Amid a heated midterm election, Hobbs and Lake present differing views on border patrol policies, and the division is dividing voters

Arizona has been amid a heated battle for Governor between Kari Lake and Katie Hobbs since former Arizona Secretary of State Hobbs won the Democratic primary and Lake won the Republican primary on August 2, 2022.

Lake was at a Dillon Precision store in Scottsdale for the last stop of her campaign rally bus tour that traveled all over the state.

Some of the most anticipated issues voters wanted to be addressed in the race was border control, said Michelle Stevens, a voter who waited in line for Lake’s Scottsdale rally. 

Lake has been very vocal about her views on border control. She has made it one of the sole focuses of her campaign, said the Washington Times. At her rally in Scottsdale, Lake addressed her views on border control issues. 

“Right now, the borders are being controlled by drug cartels and illegal immigrants,” Lake said. “We have to stop this from happening in our state, and if you elect me, I will put a stop to it.”

Ivey Deal is a retired registered nurse who supports Lake. He said he respected her views on issues within America and Lake’s decision to do something about them. He is very concerned about the issues concerning the border in Arizona.

“It makes me crazy, and I mean 100,000 people per month coming over the border… It’s not safe for the people in America and my grandchildren; I respect that Kari is willing to do something about it,” Deal said.

On the other hand, Hobb’s stance on border control, according to her website, says Arizona needs policies that will encourage people to choose to participate in a tough but fair immigration process and prevent people from trying to enter the country illegally.

“We need to secure our border, prevent criminals and traffickers from entering the country, and end the chaos and lawlessness we’ve watched for decades,” said Hobbs in a statement. “But let’s also recognize the genuine and devastating humanitarian crisis that’s at our doorstep.”

Laurie Foster has been a supporter of Lake since she was a reporter for Fox 10 News. Foster supports what Lake wants to do as Governor of Arizona. 

“I do not think that Hobbs really knows what she is doing as a candidate, what she says about border control makes no sense to me,” Foster said. “We have to be stern with the people at the border and if they are trying to come in illegally, they need to be arrested.”

So far the race is very tight between the candidates, with Hobbs currently leading 50.1% to 49.9%. According to NBC News, there are still approximately 683,627 votes that still need to be counted.

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