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I went to Phoenix Fashion Week and this African-American designer promoting cultural fusion was inspiring

Aloha Glamour fuses two cultures into a vibrant and bold display for Phoenix Fashion Week. Alexis Williams promotes the idea of “living in color” and the concept of life through Hawaiian and Afro-prints. The designer explains that the cultural fusion was inspired by her time she was stationed in Hawaii and from her own culture.

As for her brand, Aloha Glamour was built through the loss of her daughter. Her vulnerability made her message – the goal of these designs is to show first-hand that pain and loss can be turned into a glamorous display in honor of her daughter.  

As an African-American, I am inspired by Williams and Aloha Glamour. Built from the ground-up, this company has a compelling and influential message that shows beautiful representation and fusion of cultures. With the presence of Aloha Glamour, there is no doubt we will see it more.

Williams’ resilience and determination was illustrated through her designs on the runway. She showed off her culture by showcasing afro-beats while her models strutted to show pride. The audience even witnessed a proposal between the two models during the showcase. The audience responded well to the stunt with the affection of cheering and screaming, which I proudly was a part of. It is not everyday you see this type of performance pulled at a fashion show that made the audience connected with the models. It further emphasizes the beauty of life and how love brings us all together. 

As for her designs, Williams’ motto, “live in color,” was exemplified in her outfits, with vibrant greens and purples. The theme of movement was prominent, with the use of fringe and flare illustrating a sense of freedom. Williams also experimented with dimension and shapes, not only with her clothes, but with the accessories as well, whether that was the shape of the hats and fans, or the details of the earrings.

Aloha Glamour was an unforgettable runway show when it came down to overall performance, music, designs, and Williams herself. As Williams was introduced after her showcase, her presence on stage was not something that could be missed, as she showed her fierceness and vibrant spirit. Williams is nothing short of an inspiration and I anticipate this will not be the last time we will hear her name and her brand. To that I say “Aloha!” to the new queen of glamor.

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