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Wang’s Vintage is operated and ran by the three Vizzerra brothers

Wang’s Vintage, the popular vintage clothing shop in Midtown Phoenix has been open for almost four years. The shop is run by three brothers.

The Vizzerra brothers are Nate the oldest, Noah the middle, and Ian the youngest. Their pursuit of owning their own vintage clothing shop comes from growing up around their father’s vintage store called The Blue Jean Buyer.

Wang’s is filled with vintage clothing from a large range of time. There are pieces from the 1990s to pieces dating older than the 1970s.

The store name Wang comes from a nickname given to the oldest brother, Nate, that is described as a rough acronym for “wake n grow”.

“We love our shop. It is a representation of not only us but the history of our world! We hand curate items every single day” Ian Vizzerra said. “We offer a very inclusive and unique experience within the vintage fashion industry”.

All the clothes curated are from sellers the brothers work with directly in order to stock their shelves with the best vintage has to offer.

Wang’s offers a homey feeling derived out of the family aura from the brothers. Positive and warm energy radiates throughout the shop while customers search through the endless abyss of graphic tees.

“There’s always new clothes going out to the floor, but you can’t beat the energy we offer. Not only in our shop but the whole plaza we are a part of is much bigger than products” Noah Vizzerra said, who acts as the shop’s creative director.

In the plaza called Mercury Building, near 7th Street and East Osborn Rd, are Monsoon Market, a wine market, The Studio, a picture frame shop, Tomahawk Visual Effects, a movie studio, and others.

Heading into 2024, Wang’s is working towards branching out. The brother’s aim to contribute more in the local community and get into the art, music, and fashion scenes.

A customer at Wang’s Jefferson Kyle, an ASU student majoring in business finance, explains the pieces he has purchased from the shop have become staples in his closet.

“I love Wang’s. They always show out. I know when I walk in here that I am going to walk out with a crazy shirt or jacket. This is always a place I come back to” Kyle said.

In addition to closet enhancing clothing, an important aspect of vintage clothing shopping and thrifting is the sustainability it offers.

“The importance of sustainability is something we take very seriously as a vintage retailer. The environment is all ours to share. I think it is vital to maintain it and ensure it is safe and sturdy for many generations to share in the future” Ian Vizzerra said.

The fashion industry produces a fifth of the yearly annual 300 million tons of plastic pollution. And the gluttony of polyester, the most popular clothing fiber, and synthetics alike demand 1.3 billion barrels of oil each year, according to the Natural Resources Defence Council.

So in an age where the fashion industry is the second largest polluter after the oil industry, stores like Wang’s Vintage are a principal lifeline.

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