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Pathfinder Podcast

Pathfinder Podcast

The Pathfinder Podcast is a platform to uncover the paths of intentional thoughts and methods military veterans have followed  prior to and after military service to achieve excellence and become Pathfinders in their own right.

Episode 1: What is the Pathfinder Podcast and where will it take you? In this episode the host "Salty the Sun Devil" is interviewed by Tom Forbes, Sports Broadcast Journalism Student, Sports Announcer and Voice Over Professional. Tom interviews Salty and draws out the details of the Pathfinder Podcast mission

Episode 2: In this episode I interview LT Kaila Vento, a Flight Scientist at the Naval Medical Research Unit Dayton, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio. Kaila is a doctoral graduate from the Arizona State University School of Health Sciences, in the Exercise and Nutritional Sciences program. Kaila shares her story on how she navigated the pathway from Undergraduate Student in the Midwest, to Doctoral Graduate at Arizona State University and on to military service as a Flight Scientist.

Episode 3: In this episode I interview Major Steven Weippert on how a professional development plan with goal attainment checkpoints leads to opportunity. Steve is a graduate of the famed Citadel military college located in beautiful Charleston, SC. He is an accomplished warfighter, leader and mentor with multiple deployments to the Middle East and Central America. Steve also completed a Masters Degree and Applied Business Data Analytics Certificate while on active duty. Let's hear about Steve's chosen path.

Episode 4: In this episode Uncle Salty is prompted to put out a solo episode due to the rants someone starting their career and not having their expectations met. This episode covers the planning processes in finding the career position you really want and how to determine what to expect if you chose a specific career in a specific location. Being slow and methodical in getting into your career may be the best practice. Having said that, let's find your path... This is Salty the Sun Devil and I approve of this message 

Episode 5: In this episode Uncle Salty interviews Chase Clemens, a graduate student at ASU's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, a former member of the legendary 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. Chase explains how he mapped out his academic plan, transitioned from military service and positioned himself for a career in sports media communications. This is a longer episode, so I recommend heading to the gym and soaking in some knowledge while working out. The following are books recommended by Chase Clemens: Where Men Win Glory, by Jon Krakauer; Designing Your Life, by Bill Burnett; Getting to Neutral, by Trevor Moawad... This is Salty the Sun Devil and I approve of this message 

Episode 6: In today’s episode, I visited the Veteran Outdoor Recreation Fair with approximately 30 veteran or veteran affiliated organizations offering recreation programs and services for veterans and their families. Make sure you check out the interviews with these organizations, and for the video experience watch on the Pathfinder Podcast YouTube Channel titled TFPathfinder.This is Salty the Sun Devil and I approve this message 

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