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What to wear to Innings Festival 2024

Tempe’s annual Innings Festival is this weekend, but it’s not too late to plan the perfect outfit. 

The weather is starting to warm up, meaning there’s more flexibility in what to wear. Innings Fest takes place outdoors at Tempe Beach Park, so you can finally break out some of those early spring outfits.

When it comes to festivals, it can be difficult to find something that works for the entire day. It may get too hot or too cold, or the weather may be unpredictable. One way to ensure that you’re prepared is to bring a light jacket or sweater that you can comfortably tie around your waist — or if you prefer, you can rent a locker to store it in, which costs either $25 for one day or $48.50 for the weekend. 

In terms of aesthetics, this year’s Innings Fest lineup features predominantly indie rock and indie folk artists, giving some insight into what other festival goers may be wearing. 

The style of the genre typically goes against traditional festival and rave outfits, leaning more into muted, neutral tones than bright neon hues. Earth tones take center stage in the indie folk genre, and darker colors are often more prevalent within indie rock. If you have a specific artist you’re looking forward to seeing, you may want to lean into their style and maybe even look up popular outfits people wear to their concerts for inspiration.

A good outfit for a day at Innings Fest may include a basic tank or short-sleeved top, potentially cropped, with a pair of comfortable jeans or pants. Band tees or graphic tees would also work — bonus points if it’s for one of the artists performing. One way to make a fashion statement would be to match a cute printed top with a good pair of corduroys. 

For an outer layer, match your jacket, sweater or flannel with the color of your pants or shoes to achieve the popular “sandwich look,” a tip that’s taking over social media spheres right now. 

When it comes to shoes, it’s better to be comfortable than cute. Those Dr. Martens boots or Demonias might look good, but won’t be giving you the comfort you need when cheering at the barricade of the stage for eight hours — unless you’ve already broken them in, of course. Instead, opt for a more sensible, comfortable shoe that will hold up in case of rain. 

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what everyone else will be wearing to the festival, or if you were on trend. Dress in what makes you comfortable (both physically and emotionally) and focus on what really matters — the incredible performances at Innings Fest! 

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