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In review: The shocking finale of The Bachelor season 21 shows that real love is sisterhood

The Bachelor season 21 finale left my jaw on the floor. Never before have I been so engaged in a Bachelor season finale. 

I first started watching The Bachelor with my best friend in high school. At first it was just to see what all the fuss was about, but now even across different states we still have continued to watch seasons together. 

I waited for the episode to play out how it normally does: two girls fighting for one man, tears falling and each girl pleads that they should be the chosen lover. Same old love story, same old ending.

But instead I was given possibly the best The Bachelor ending ever. Of course the guy got down on one knee and proposed to the girl – but that part wasn’t the shocking part. I was left aghast because of the strength and beauty demonstrated between the women. The Bachelor season endings usually end in heartbreak. Instead, this episode ended in strength.

In this finale, all eyes were not on this year’s bachelor, Joey Graziadei, getting on one knee and popping the big question. Instead, they fell upon the powerful sisterhood formed between the last remaining contestants: Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson.

With resilience and determination, the season finale illuminated the unwavering strength of these women as they navigated the tumultuous terrain that is love. Amidst a whirlwind of emotions and heartaches, these remarkable women stood tall, displaying their unity and empowering one another through solidarity. 

As the final rose was given, it became evident that Kent’s and Anderson’s journeys transcended mere romance, becoming a testament to the unyielding strength and resilience of the female power.

Then There were Two

After selecting from a group of 32 women Joey was finally down to the final, most difficult choice: Kelsey or Daisy?

On Daisy’s final date with Joey before the engagement, I could immediately tell something was not right between the two. And it had almost seemed like Joey had already made up his mind. 

Then I saw Daisy’s vulnerability in her sharing that she doesn’t think she’s the one for Joey in a camera interview. I was on the edge of my seat as I saw what I thought was Daisy knocking on Joey’s door to inevitably confront him.

The plot thickens as the door opens and reveals the “other woman,” Kelsey. To my surprise, the two didn’t share any negative words, and instead hugged each other in comfort. Kelsey welcomed Daisy into her room. They talked about their interactions with Joey, and Daisy confirmed what she knew was painfully true: She was not the one for Joey. 

The show cuts to Kelsey riding in a car on the way to the engagement. When the shot zoomed out, my heart was immediately warmed. 

Instead of any negative feelings, Daisy and Kelsey held hands. This has never been done in the history of The Bachelor and it was a redefining moment. I have never seen such a wholesome and prominent ending. 

A Rose for Thought

After the conclusion of the finale, I realized that the true romance of season 21 was not, in fact, between Joey and Kelsey, but rather the friendship between Kelsey and Daisy. 

Daisy not only handled her rejection with grace, but she did it out of love for both Joey and Kelsey. She chose acceptance over anger. With an enormous amount of strength, Daisy chose to support Joey. 

She then proceeded to comfort her friend, Kelsey and build her up before Joey proposed. These actions signify transformations and inspiration to all women. 

As a woman, I know that we all need to comfort each other during times of sensitivity rather than pit ourselves against each other. Daisy’s actions showcase a level of maturity and happiness that everyone should try to embody and was an inspiring example of women's strength. 

Daisy showed she knew her own worth. She understood that Kelsey was the right person for the man she loved and she had to deal with that pain of not being the woman who was chosen. 

But even after handling the rejection with grace she turned right back around and gave Kelsey her support because she valued their friendship over anything else. 

I cannot comprehend how much strength Daisy had to be able to hold herself together and support her friend, while dealing with her own pain. This is what made her and Kelsey display something so pure and irreplaceable: sisterhood. 

When everything had concluded, Daisy left the viewers with powerful words: “If I can love the wrong person that much, imagine how much I can love the right person.”

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