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Tony James: Clothes Designed to Mirror Religion with Throne of Grace Clothing

Tony James is the Phoenix Fashion Week Designer of the Year. The award is presented to designers who are creating industry-defining wearables.

In an interview, James described how his company, Throne of Grace, seeks to define how religion and fashion can interact.

James' passion for designing clothes began during his high school days. Initially attracted to fashion for personal satisfaction – the aesthetics, the attention and the allure – his idea of fashion changed when he found his faith.

"In those moments of rediscovery, there was a conviction that whispered, 'Remember that fashion thing, follow that but make it about me,'" James’ shared. "That was God talking to me, and that's where we got Throne of Grace."

Throne of Grace clothing transcends being merely a brand; it represents a movement. The unapologetic streetwear serves as a testament to the fusion of Christianity and fashion using bold colors and loud patterns. James’ designs aim to initiate conversations about God, community-building and relationships, going beyond the surface-level aesthetics of traditional streetwear.

"The primary goal is to keep not only the faith-based customer engaged but also to be fashion-forward and appealing to anyone with a love for fashion and a cool aesthetic," James said.

The recent recognition as Designer of the Year at Phoenix Fashion Week wasn’t just a professional accolade for James; It served as a catalyst for personal growth and a clearer understanding of his creative vision. The award has opened doors to new opportunities, keeping him creatively engaged and focused on the brand's mission.

"It definitely brought new opportunities for me, and it's keeping me busy,” James said. “But nonetheless, it helped me see my own vision a little bit clearer.”

As a faith-based clothing line, Throne of Grace occasionally encounters challenges and pushback, even from within its own community. Some argue that certain designs or photoshoots are too much, but James can handle the pushback so long as he remains authentic.

"It's a world we live in where you can't make everyone happy,” James said. “So that's always the struggle: finding a balance of not trying to please everyone but just trying to follow your own conviction, and whoever follows it, follows.”

Tony James and Throne of Grace clothing are not just redefining streetwear; they're reshaping the conversation around faith and fashion, proving that style can be a vessel for meaningful dialogues and community-building.

Follow Throne of Grace on Instagram (@throneofgraceclothing) for the latest updates and styles, and explore their diverse merchandise on the official website (


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