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Phoenix-based bands build loyal music community

Each member of Phoenix-based band Bethany Home glistened with passion and musicality, sitting down just a few hours before their show at the Last Exit Live in early April.

Later that evening, fans would pack into the 3,100 square foot venue, jumping and singing along to the band on stage. 

Where Bethany Home goes, its fans follow. 

The band is just one example of the ever-growing music scene in Phoenix. Fans from across Arizona travel to Phoenix to see a show, any day of the week. 

The community of music enthusiasts who show up and support these local bands keeps Phoenix’s musical heart, and the heart of the music community, beating lies with its architects: the local bands who have built a strong community from the ground up. 

Bethany Home, the band that got its start in 2021, is the epitome of the Phoenix music scene.

The band named itself after the Arizona street sign, frontman Jaden Jones said. 

KJZZ reported that the street sign was actually named after a health facility in Phoenix in the early 1900s, which was dedicated to serving those who could only afford $10 a week in healthcare. The healthcare facility served all, no matter racial, ethnic or class background. 

Jones said that this was just a happy coincidence, but it was something that made the band think harder about their purpose in music.

“Bringing people together and making everyone feel accepted,” is what Jones said is Bethany Home’s goal as musicians in Phoenix. 

“Music is the most universal language,” he said.

Bethany Home’s initiative to bring people together is evident in the band’s multiple sold-out shows in 2024, where fans have rallied together to watch their favorite local artist jam out on stage. 

But it’s not only the band’s eagerness to bring people together under one common hobby, it's the entire community that makes it all possible. 

“(Our) career in music is all based in our local support,” guitarist Cameron McGregor said. 

The venues that welcome local bands are what make it possible for them to share their magic with the rest of the world. 

“Do whatever you want,” is what bassist Alton Chaney recalled local Phoenix venue The Nile told the band when members were getting ready for their first headlining show. 

Although the band was new to headlining, The Nile gave Bethany Home every opportunity to show what it had got. 

“They still treated us like royalty,” McGregor said. 

Making connections brings everyone in the music scene together. 

“Even the bands are friends,” drummer Daniel Fenn said. 

Everyone in the scene continuously supports each other, making new friendships and connections possible. 

These bonds within the community are what make it so vivacious and spirited. The fans are drawn to the shows and artists because love and kindness are spread through the music. 

Bethany Home is only one of many bands that have successfully built a strong and devoted music community in Phoenix. 

Police State, another Phoenix hit, popular for its industrial sound and experimental performances, also attributes its love for music to the connection between the band and the rest of the community. 

“It’s a really awesome feeling when you’re playing a drum beat, and you’re watching people bounce up and down to that beat,” Police State drummer Aiden Andrews said. “As a musician, that’s where I get my fill.” 

“The fans have really been a big part of everything. We’ve tried to build upon the compliments the fans give us,” he said.

Andrews said that Phoenix is special for its music scene because of the many types of people who contribute to Phoenix's musical identity.

“It’s such a big melting pot,” Andrews said. “There’s all these different types of people who contribute to all these different influences.” 

Andrews is completely right. ABC 15 Arizona reported that an estimated 282,729 people were expected to move to Arizona in 2023. 

The influx of people into Arizona has certainly curated a special mix of people, with all different experiences — the perfect equation for communities to grow and expand. 

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