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Sophie Powers Lights Up Downtown Phoenix

Canadian Singer Shines Bright on Tour

Sophie Powers delivered an electric performance Dec. 6 at the Valley Bar in Phoenix. The singer-songwriter from Ontario, Canada, promised a fun evening for those in attendance — and she did not disappoint. Powers performed at 9:00 p.m. right before the main event, headliner Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, took the stage. However, despite being an opener, she found a way to raise the crowd's energy and get them invested in her performance.

“She has a really good stage presence, she was trying to incorporate the crowd, making eye contact with everyone. It just seemed like she was there with us,” said Amanda Mills, who was a fan in attendance.

During her show, Powers sang some of her more popular songs, while also singing two unreleased songs and covering a Nirvana song as well. However, no matter what she performed, the crowd seemed to become more involved as her set progressed. Even those who may not have been too familiar with her work seemed to really enjoy the show. As some in attendance claimed they would definitely begin to listen to Powers' music due to her performance on the night.

“For someone that I’ve never seen before… I would give her a nine out of ten,” said Alicia Caywood, another fan in attendance at the concert. “She did a really good job at getting everyone super pumped up and people that haven’t ever listened to her music, getting them interested in it.”

Other fans, such as Ivy Alexeyevich and Keilan “Harley” Davidsin, wasted no time and immediately began following her on multiple social media platforms.

Despite only being 18 years old, Powers showed maturity and passion while on stage, leading to an overall greater performance. She stated she would be back in Phoenix soon but never gave a specific date. Until then, her Phoenix fans will look to music streaming services for her work.

“I’m trying to create a safe space with my music,” said Powers. “If you don't have anyone to go to, go to my music.”

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