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Striking fashion in 'Spinning Gold' brings the 1950s film to a new level

Spinning Gold creates an immersive viewing experience that takes the audience into the lives of retro record companies. Featuring a star-studded cast including Jeremy Jordan, Jason Derulo, Peyton List, and Wiz Khalifa, the movie won the Copper Wings Donor’s Choice Showcase Feature Film Award at the Phoenix Film Festival in early April.

The fashion of the movie elevates the film. Taking place over the span of several decades, the outfits remain relatively faithful to the various eras.

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Jeremy Jordan plays Neil Bogart, the titular narrator and main character in the film. Bogart is the head of Casablanca Records, the record label responsible for hit names such as Donna Summer, KISS and the Village People. 

Bogart’s story within the film is rags-to-riches – he goes from being the son of a mailman in New York to a multi-millionaire. 

Being the head of an entire record label leads Bogart to have a sense of charm and charisma to each action, with scenes in the movie showing his ability to sign esteemed artists and win over the hearts of leading ladies. His uniqueness and talent were also shown through his ahead-of-the-curve fashion sense. 

Bogart’s fashion is flashy, fitting his character’s personality. Velvet suits and flashy shirts dominate the style. The aesthetic of Bogart’s outfits is true to that of the eras, with a progression of color and material fitting to that of the times.

Michelle Mohogan plays Beth Bogart, Neil’s wife. Mrs. Bogart is a kind yet strong woman who continuously supports her husband through the many high and lows of his career. She represented the homelife Mr. Bogart longed for, as they had two children and a house he was able to buy with his money from Casablanca Records. Beth Bogart had been married to Neil before his wide success with KISS and Donna Summers, thus representing a past he may have left behind.

Her outfits matched a more traditionalist aesthetic, with callbacks to the late 1950s and early 1960s. She was seen wearing formal dresses throughout the movie, a subtle nod to her wealthier upbringing. These outfits provide a contrast to that of one of the other leading ladies, Joyce Biawitz. 

Lyndsy Fonesca plays Joyce Biawitz, the co-manager for the famous rock band KISS, and one of Neil Bogart’s most consistent confidants in his life. In the film, Biawitz represents new and exciting possibilities – similar to Neil’s success as a businessman. Biawitz is younger and has a certain spark to her that has made her successful as a manager. 

Biawitz wears clothes indicative of the “working woman” of the era. From striking pantsuits to button-up blouses, she personifies the early businesswoman. Her outfits still bring the star quality, with eccentric flare pants and bold patterns.

Tayla Parx plays Donna Summers, one of the many hit artists produced under Casablanca Records, and the main one to launch Neil Bogart into stardom. Summer was the face of the disco movement in the late 1970s, and is most famous for her song, “Love to Love You Baby,” which is almost 17 minutes long. 

Summer’s style evolves throughout the film, with flashy dresses and luxury items playing a key part. Her character is developed around her presentation, showing the difference between her on-stage and off-stage personas.

Casey Likes plays Gene Simmons, the bassist and co-lead singer for KISS. Simmons has some strong heart-to-heart conversations with Neil Bogart in the film and is seen as one of the main artists to push the label into something great. The band changed the rock game by selling vinyls of live performances and focusing heavily on merchandising. 

Being a member of KISS, we see Simmons’s fashion both on and off the stage. He maintains the rockstar style at all times, but it's accentuated while performing. The looks focus on platform combat boots, jackets, and heavy makeup.

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