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Usher started his residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in July 2021. Photo Courtesy of Denise Truscello, Getty Images
Usher started his residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in July 2021. Photo Courtesy of Denise Truscello, Getty Images

Usher Live in Vegas: A Review of the "My Way Residency"

Usher, eight-time Grammy-winning R&B singer, made the crowd say “Yeah!” on the Las Vegas Dolby Live stage.

The sold-out, fourth show of Usher’s “My Way” residency was a gathering of all ages, from the “Grown and Sexy” crowd to excited-looking college students. And when Usher hit the stage, everyone started screaming back the lyrics to him, in spite of their age.

“He’s been my favorite R&B artist for the last 15 years,” Marcus, a longtime Usher fan, said when asked if he was excited for the show. “And everyone who’s been has told me it’s the best show you’ll ever see, so I’m excited.” 

Usher opened the show with a bang, with a sultry tango dance and a slowed-down, smooth jazz version of his 1997 hit “My Way,” complete with dramatic flashing blue and gold lights. This transitioned quickly into a bass-and-brass-filled version of his 2001 song “Caught Up,” paired with an elaborate, Broadway-esque flash dance. 

In many moments of the show, Usher skewed more for the fun side—-including some time on wheels! He performed the songs “Don’t Waste My Time” and “Good Love” all on rollerskates, with the help of colorful neon lights, a glowing disco ball, and 80s-inspired remixes of the songs. 

There was definitely a sensual overtone to the show, as expected by Usher, who is known as a sex symbol in the world of R&B. Usher performed songs like “I Don’t Mind” and “Bad Girl” in front of a gigantic contraption complete with stripper poles, on which scantily-clad dancers performed elaborate tricks on. On songs like “Nice & Slow,” Usher made sure all eyes were on him by removing his shirt and performing sensually for the crowd.

Of course, Usher is known for his rich, smooth vocals, which he delivered much of during the performance. Usher sat us down for some of his slower songs including “Can you Handle it” and “Seduction,” showing off some of his raw vocal ability, his awesome high notes and vocal runs, and giving the crowd a moment to croon along as well.

Usher had great fan interaction during the duration of the concert. To start, the crowd of 5,200 spent most of the night dancing and screaming every word along with Usher, from classic romantic songs like “My Boo” to upbeat hits like “Confessions Pt. II,” in which he also recreated the iconic “Watch This” moment. Usher also spent time making the crowd feel special, from singing “There Goes My Baby” directly to a birthday girl in the audience, to giving interludes to thank his fans and giving words of motivation.

The encore of the show gave the crowd upbeat, lively performances of Usher’s biggest hits. He opened the encore with bright neon lights and an electrifying mix of “DJ Got Us Falling In Love.” He transitioned into a chopped and screwed mix of “OMG” and “Scream.” Finally, we transitioned into his most iconic hit, “Yeah!” which he performed on a stage adorned with green lasers. To end the show, he halts his performance to take a moment to shed his appreciation for his fans, stating he couldn’t have done it “without them,” to which he performed a celebratory, emotional, confetti-filled version of the EDM-hit “Without You,” a collaboration with David Guetta. 

Usher gave his fans a performance to remember, complete with vocals, dance moves, lights, and energy. Moreover, the show was filled with talented dancers, musicians, and a DJ, all of which he made sure to credit and showcase repeatedly throughout the show. Fans of Usher gave their praise of his performance after the show ended:

“I thought the show was exciting,” Adrian, an attendee, said. “There was never a dull moment. Usher kept the party going all night.” 

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