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Beyoncé gives fans a riveting evening at the Renaissance tour

A name known by billions across the globe, 28-time Grammy-winning singer Beyoncé brought her Renaissance tour to the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona on Aug 24. 

Beyoncé started the show at about 9 p.m. It opened with visuals of heavenly pink clouds and her name capitalized in the sky, until a portrait of Beyoncé, adorned only with silver jewelry and a black fur coat, appeared on the screen. 

Beyoncé opened her set with the 2004 hit ballad “Dangerously in Love,” showering the crowd with angelic vocals and runs that set the tone for the first section of the show. Songs like “1+1” and “Flaws and All” gave the audience a chance to get emotional and scream out the lyrics, while covers like Tina Turner’s “River Deep, Mountain High” and Mary J Blige’s “I’m Goin’ Down” provided a great opportunity for the superstar to pay homage to the greats of R&B and soul while also showcasing the depth of her own musical talent.

“To put it simply, (Beyoncé) is a once in a lifetime, otherworldly experience,” audience member Kit’tanna O’Connor said. “Beyoncé’s conceptualization of her art surpasses her predecessors and is truly amazing to witness.”

The second act of the tour took fans into the present day Beyoncé: “Renaissance.” Songs like “I’m That Girl” and “Cozy” created an exhilarating contrast to the intimate, emotional aura of the first act, as Beyoncé crooned the sultry, rhythmic melodies of the Renaissance album.

There was an issue with the sound system during act two, when Beyoncé’s microphone stopped working during her performance of Renaissance track “Alien Superstar.” For a while, the stadium sat in a murmur of confusion. 

“When her sound went out, at first we weren't for sure what was going on,”said  audience member Mechelle Tucker. “There was confusion in the air because there were no announcements but we stayed patient with the process and when she returned, she was in a new costume and everyone was back to having a amazing time as if nothing happened.”

Fortunately, Beyoncé and her team kept it pushing. Twenty minutes after the sound issue, Beyoncé and her dancers were back, ready to hop right back into the music and choreography as if nothing had happened, and the crowd’s energy returned in no time. 

The enthusiasm both on stage and in the crowd only heightened in the third act: “Motherboard.” Beyoncé started with Renaissance single “Cuff It,” a song filled with uplifting energy, joyful dancing and soulful vocals that led into high-energy tracks “Energy” and “Break My Soul,” complete with intricate choreography and her and dancers styled in metallic bodysuits. 

The fourth act, “Opulence,” was a moment of empowerment and liberation. With girl-power anthems like “Run the World (Girls)” and “Diva,” as well as a celebration of Black excellence and joy with songs like “Black Parade” and “My Power,” the latter of which her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, joined her again for the dance that has been blowing up all across social media. This act of the Renaissance tour was a moment for audiences to feel a sense of pride about who they are and where they come from. 

“The show was everything,” concert attendee Noah Huerta said. “From the music to choreography, and the amazing Blue Ivy appearance, it was truly a place to let free and have a good time.”

Acts “Anointed” and “Anointed Pt.2” truly did feel like an ethereal experience, as it was a true amalgamation of all of the highest points of Beyoncé’s career. From moments of classic hits like “Crazy in Love,” “Love on Top,” and “Naughty Girl,” to slow and groovy Renaissance tracks like “Virgo’s Groove” and “Plastic Off the Sofa,” the fifth and sixth acts provided a little bit of something for everyone in the crowd.

The final act, “Mind Control,” had some of the most fierce and fun tracks from the Renaissance album. Renaissance album tracks “America Has a Problem,” “Pure/Honey,” and “Summer Renaissance” ended the nearly 3 hour 30 minute show. From the passionate and fun energy of the choreography, to the disco-skinned horse that adorns the Renaissance album cover, to the bee costume that has become a symbol of the tour, “Mind Control” was just the icing on the cake of the Renaissance tour and a further Beyoncé as an icon and a staple in the music industry. 

“Every set was state-of-the-art and Beyoncé sang her heart out, truly giving fans one memorable show.” Tucker said. “My favorite part of her set was when Blue Ivy joined her. It was truly an honor to see 2 generations coming together and bringing so much joy and happiness to tens of thousands of concert goers young to old. I had an amazing RWT experience.”

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