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The journey of Mohammad Tahir Bakhshi and his Glendale business, Rozi Food Market

In a region known for its rich cultural heritage and the vibrant hues of its landscapes, Rozi Food Market, an Afghan store in phoenix Arizona located in Glendale embarked on a path less traveled, one that led him to the bountiful world of wholesale. What began as a humble venture rooted in his familial orchards soon blossomed into a thriving business that celebrates the natural abundance of Afghanistan.

Mohmmad Tahir Bakhshi, the owner of Rozi Food Market, said: “I have started my business first by doing wholesales and importing rice from Pakistan,” Bakhshi said. “But when I wanted to supply those items to other markets like Arabs market they showed me a bad attitude and that became the reason that I was thinking why I myself should not start a business.”

But Bakshi saw a need for supplying Afghans in the Phoenix area with familiar goods. Coming from a background rooted in fruit orchards in Afghanistan he began supplying customers like Massoud Mansori with products that can't be found anywhere else. “The store is kind of far from where I live but, because it is one of the only Afghan stores in Phoenix that provides most of the needs I have to come and buy my needs.” Mansori said. 

Rozi Food Market is a cultural hub where people go to celebrate the diversity of world cuisine, rather than just a place to buy things. Every feature of Rozi Market, from the vivid hues of the handwoven fabrics to the friendly greetings of the employees, displays Bakhshi's dedication to creating a hospitable and immersive space.

Rozi Food Market is a family business. Bakshi's wife and family work in the store but he also has employees like newly hired Yousra Wafi who works as a cashier. “I am so happy that I am working in this store. The owner is treating me like his family and his payment is reasonable too,” Wafi said.

Rozi Food Market stands out for its commitment to community involvement and genuineness. Bakhshi envisioned a place where locals could share stories and flavors with people all across the world. Regular activities like tastings, events, and cultural celebrations make Rozi Food Market a vibrant center where people come together to celebrate variety and develop relationships based on a mutual love of high-quality goods.

Bakshi said that running Rozi market is not easy and it took a lot to get it started. Still after years in business, he said he eventually plans to expand beyond just the market. “I have started my business with $200,000 and it's been more than three years since and it’s normal in the U.S.A that for a few years the business will not get its profit immediately,” obviously it will take its time and I am still about to expand my business, it is not just this,” Bakhshi said.

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