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Macklemore, Hozier speak about Israel-Gaza conflicts during Innings Festival: "The message is love"

Macklemore and Hozier spoke up about conflicts in Israel and Gaza during Innings Festival 2024.

On the second night of the festival, Benjamin Hammond Haggerty, known professionally as Macklemore, and Andrew John Hozier-Byrne, known professionally as Hozier, took the stage where they did more than just perform. 

While planes headed toward Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport flew above the Tempe venue, Macklemore asked, “What would that feel like if you were in Palestine and a plane was flying over your head?” referring to the Israel-Hamas War. 

He explained that “art in its purest form is from the heart and brings people together,” and carried on to say “Free Palestine. The message is love,” before segwaying to his popular song “Same Love,” which is a call to action to support marriage equality. 

Last  week, the United States vetoed a United Nations draft agreement for the third time that would have called for a ceasefire. 

Hozier continued the discussion by agreeing with Macklemore. 

 “As a foreign citizen that doesn’t have a vote in the United States but has been coming here for the past ten  years, I know that doesn’t represent the care and empathy that I see in American people day after day,” Hozier said.  

He then asked concertgoers to contact their local representatives to make their voice heard. 

This is not the first time we have seen performers talking about the conflict. At the 2024 Grammys, Scottish singer Annie Lennox performed “Nothing Compares 2 U.” As the song came to an end, she raised her fist into the air and shouted: “Artists for ceasefire! Peace in the world!”

Artists have gotten backlash in the past for speaking about current affairs in the past. On this, Macklemore responded: “The day that I stop following my heart and talking about things in the world that matter, is the day I don’t need to be on stage anymore.”

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