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ASU DJ takes over Old Town

Within just shy of a year, Olivia Pantangco was able to make her way into the big leagues. 

The ASU junior said it all stemmed from curiously starting up a new hobby. Slowly but surely she started playing with a software device on her computer. From there she felt it was time to get a mini deck. Then she began with what she didn't know would be the beginning of a new chapter. 

Buying a mini deck kick started it all. Pantangco started DJing for her friends for fun, which led to being asked to play for a few frat parties. Once summer rolled around, she began working on her craft and gaining more confidence behind the deck. 

Once the 2023-2024 school year arrived, Pantangco decided to enter a few DJ competitions and started being asked to DJ at more variety of events. Those competitions and events started opening doors for her she never imagined would be offered. 

Pantangco was able to establish a name for herself that gave her an opportunity to work in Old Town Scottsdale at Casa Amigos. 

While looking back at her accomplishments, so far Pantangco grinded.

“I remember my first competition like it was yesterday,” Pantangco said. “I was so nervous, I couldn't believe I even got the opportunity to play at CASA. That is probably one of my favorite memories so far since it was my first.”  

Out of the 30 applicants, five were chosen to play at a DJ competition at C.A.S.A in Tempe, AZ. Pantangco being one of the five. 

She fell in love with the music…hard. Now her favorite genre to DJ is base house. 

“I really like how I can control the energy in the room,” Pantangco said. “I have really gotten into the rave and EDM scene. That alone has inspired so much of the music I listen to and play now. I love being able to play and blend my favorite songs all together. It's just so powerful and fun.” 

When being ask what advice she'd give to DJs who are just starting out she explained. 

“Be very genuine and confident in yourself. Don't judge yourself based off your progress. Comparison is such a thief of joy.” she said. 

To hear Pantangco live, you can find her at Handlebar in Tempe, AZ Tuesday nights and Casa Amigos in Old Town Scottsdale every other weekend. Or you can find her on her Instagram @ djlivvie.p.

“Have fun and do your own thing,” Pantangco shares. 

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