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Michael Medrano


The Many Shades of Bruce Brown

Coming into the draft, Bruce Brown was about as unconventional a prospect as they come. A guard who averaged almost more than double the rebounds as assists, Brown was a unique tweener out of Miami. He lacked the raw offensive talent and ball handling to be a lead guard, but at 6'4 190 pounds, ...


NBA 2023-24 Quarter season storylines

Eastern ConferenceIndy 500 There Isn’t a team name in the association that matches better than the Indiana Pacers. Their games are more akin to an Indy 500 race than an actual basketball game: all gas, no breaks. Their offense is firing on all cylinders, ranking number one in points, pace, assists, ...


Not Your Average Joe

Isaiah Joe has solidified himself as one of the deadliest shooters in the game. He proved this once more against the Warriors last Thursday, having a ludicrous true shooting percentage of 138% and 7 of 7 from deep. He followed it up three days later by shooting 5 of 6 from three against the Trailblazers. ...


Positional Mid-season Grades for the Arizona Cardinals

Quarterback: C-Joshua Dobbs was drafted to be a backup quarterback. He’s had the career of a backup quarterback, and on the Cardinals, he’s played like a backup quarterback. In just about every passing stat imaginable, Dobbs ranks in the bottom third of the league, exactly what you'd expect ...

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