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“Everyone’s different, and it’s okay”: This professional counselor is spreading the message of self-love with a children’s book

Self-love is the focus of a new children’s book written by a Phoenix mother-turned-professional author.

Erica Trocino — licensed professional counselor, certified eating disorder specialist and author — is innovating new ways to deliver therapy resources through her children’s book “Flowers in Bloom.”


The story follows a group of flowers in a garden who are self-conscious of their features. The story teaches children lessons of self-acceptance, body positivity and the importance of being unique. 

“Being a therapist, I work with a lot of people who do not like themselves and what they look like, and somebody is always better than them,” Trocino explained. “I use the metaphor of nature a lot to talk about the aspect of comparison and how it really takes us away from the opportunity to be who we are.” 

At a storytime event, parents brought their children to Seedhouse Coffee for a reading of “Flowers in Bloom.” This included a meet-and-greet with Trocino. 

“I think it helps them learn that everyone’s different, and it’s okay that that’s okay,” one parent said of the book.

Trocino, also a parent, understands how children face the struggles of limited self-love resources and body-positive content.

“I read to my kids every single night. We love going to the library every week, and so we love looking at the books,” Trocino said. “There just really was nothing around bodies or self-acceptance.”

As a counselor, Trocino has worked in treatment centers, where “people were at their worst point.” After experiencing mental health struggles and burnout herself, Trocino wanted to try something new and spend her time more creatively while still helping others. Trocino wrote her book with the intention of creating change with hard work, creativity and support for others.


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